At Autumn Lake
at New Britain, we are committed to keeping our residents healthy and safe.

The health and safety of our residents, visitors and employees remains our top priority. Therefore, in line with the latest guidelines issued by the Department of Health related to COVID-19, we have revised our visitation policies. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Covid-19 Updates


  • There have not been any staff that have tested positive over the past week.
  • There have been a few residents that have tested positive this week.
  • All residents are properly cohorted.
  • Infection control measures continue to be taken to prevent the spread of COVID.
  • Please remember, everyone in your party must sign in on the kiosk when entering the building, this includes children.
  • Mask wearing is still mandatory for visitors that meet the following criteria:
      • If you are experiencing flu-like or Covid symptoms.
      • If you were recently exposed to someone who had tested positive for Covid.
      • If you are entering the unit in which there is an outbreak.
          • You can speak with the receptionist, or a member of administration regarding this.
  • Anyone that must wear a mask, or who chooses to do so based on their perceived level of risk must wear the mask over their nose and mouth.
  • Please remember that cloth masks are not allowed, please see the receptionist if you need a surgical mask.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer for 20 seconds when you enter and leave the building as well as during your visit if necessary.
  • Please remember to abide by the core principles of COVID-19. They have been posted throughout the facility as a reminder. We will keep you posted if we have any new cases to report.
  • The Autumn Lake team would like to thank you for your continued support!